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In the Steps of the Fourty-Fourth

In the Steps of the Fourty-Fourth

From August - December 2009, Brian followed the Georgia 44th through their Civil War journey. This project started with letters from his ancestor, Merideth Graham who was a member of the 44th and ended with a paper for his history class that earned him an A+ in the class! Here is that project for you to read and experience. Please do not distrubute, print, or copy this file without Brian's express written permission.

Text was written by Brian C. Whitehead

Layout was done by Hugh Orr of

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Note: the .pdf is best views in "Facing" or "Continuous - Facing" mode. At the bottom right corner of your Adobe Reader window you will see icons for "single Page", Continuous, "Continuous - Facing", and "facing". Click on these to change the viewing mode.

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